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Indoor/Outdoor WIFI & Networks

Indoor Wireless Access Point

The average family has 4-5 members in their household. These days that’s 4-5 smart phones, 2-3 tablets, and 2-3 personal computers. That’s potentially 11 network connected devices constantly pinging the internet for new emails, updates, or other information. That doesn’t include any IP cameras, printers, TV’s, Blu-Ray players, Apple TV’s, Amazon Fire Sticks, or other network attached devices.

So it’s not a stretch to imagine the average home has 20 network connected devices at any given evening. Further emphasizing the importance of a secure and reliable home network. It’s no secret, everyone has experienced the frustration of slow internet when they need it the most. Here is a secret, it may not be the ISP (Internet Service Provider), it might be the network.

Install: Wireless access points are mounted on the ceiling to allow for optimal WIFI coverage.

  • Wireless Access Point
  • Upgraded Routers
  • Outside Extended WIFI
  • WIFI Powered Devices

Indoor/Outdoor WIFI & Networks

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